Sunday: 11am – 11pm
Monday-Friday: 6am – 11pm
Saturday: 7am – 11pm


Randee’s Food and Liquors is a convenience-liquor store in Portage Park that carries basic grocery items, snack foods, fresh dairy products, laundry items and basic toiletries.

Start your morning with Starbucks Frappuccino or a Local Cold Brew can, a protein or granola bar, yogurt, or a prepared breakfast sandwich.
Grab a quick lunch from our variety of refrigerated prepared burritos, burgers, sandwiches, and fruit meat & nut snacks.
From Lacroix, to huge soda varieties, to energy drinks, there’s a beverage choice for you.

We carry a wide selection of Alcoholic Beverages that include:
Red, Rosé, Sangria, and White Wines.
Local Beers, Import Beers, Ciders, American Craft Beers, Seltzers.
Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Brandy, Cognac.
Vodka, Tequila, Liquer, Gin, Rum. 

We are a UPS Accesspoint; you can drop off your UPS packages here.

We are a Ventra/Pace card reload station as well.